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           Potential employees          (No experience necessary, but I will consider experienced masons too.)

  1. Valid drivers licence a must. (Having your own transportation is a plus but not totally necessary.)
  2. Must be reliable. (Be there on time and be there when you say you will.  If you are late or don't show up, it has a large impact on me with scheduling, customers, and possibly coworkers which always ends up costing me.  I'm not a prick, if its legitimate and rare,  I understand.  We all have things happen.)
  3. It is Hard work. (Not for the weak legged, brittle backs or faint hearted.  Some days you will work yours balls off while others you may be driving around all day.  Lifting 100 pounds at a time is normal.)
  4. Willing and wanting to listen and learn. (​I have been doing this for almost 30 years, and have been in business for 10+ years myself.  I have a set way of doing things which gives me many returning customers and referrals.)
  5. Starting Pay based on experience. ($10-$15/hr. Possibly more if you can prove you're worth it.)
  6. Raises based on above. (Slackers not wanted but if you think you can meet these requirements, it's a fun, friendly, fulfilling job where you will learn a trade.  Days fly by. I personally love my job, no bs.   Occasional bonuses for exceptional work.)  

    I'm expecting to get started full time by mid march-early april.   I should have a few smaller jobs here and there before then.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in for full time, get in touch with me for details.  If you are just looking for occasional work, let me know.   Every once and a while I can use an extra hand, so I'm going to make a list of potential helpers or replacements for when the first guy can't make it.

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