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                   Joe has over 25 yrs experience in the masonry field.  

         Instead of trade school, Joe learned the trade first hand. He started helping his stepfather Dave, of Dave Jones masonry, at the age of 12. 7 days a week in the summers and on weekends during school.  A few years after graduation he decided to go out and try something new. Starting with Jim Brunt masonry and than Hudack masonry waterproofing.  2 years later, he entered the bricklayers union local 5 with Joe and  Jimmy Cerminaro of James Gerard inc. After spending most of his 8 union years with with them, he decided it was time to go try it on his own.
If a job is done right, the client may tell 1 or 2 people. If it is done wrong their sure to tell 10.

      Dave, still working today, had a very strong work ethic which everyone around could see. From beginning to end, every detail of the job had to be perfect. If something was off than the job would be torn down and redone right. At the end of the project, every corner and every tool had to be spotless before he would leave. It was not as much about the money as it was about his pride and reputation for doing a superb job.

      Joe keeps these ethics by getting each job done right, leaving every job as clean as possible and by keeping the price fair.

                                 Clean, quality work at a fair price!!!


Clean, Quality work at a fair price. Tile, Stone, Brick, Foundations, Retaining walls, and Concrete