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 Joe Dougher Masonry 
is a small, locally based company, working in and around the Scranton, Pa area.  We are  licensed (PA088400) and insured as a home improvement contractor.  Whether its a full addition, new roof or siding, Kitchen, bathroom or general remodel, or even just some patch work, let us give you a free estimate.  But with 25 years experience, we specialize in residential masonry projects including but not limited too: 
             Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Porches, Steps, Fireplaces, Chimneys, 
          Retaining walls, Stone  Brick or Stucco veneer, Basement waterproofing 
                 and refinishing, Footers and Foundations and Tile.

We leave a clean job site and a project done the way you want  it.  Period. No surprises or disappointments.  No matter what it is, we will ensure that your project is done to the highest quality standards.

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-  A clean job site
-  Done in a reasonable time line
-  Final product exceeds expectations
-  Quality work, at a Fair price 

Durable yet elegant, the ageless beauty of natural stone is unparalleled by any other building material.   Mankind has used it for thousands of years. Some of those magnificent structures still stand today.  Manufactured stone of today has the same beauty but at a fraction of the cost.  Though it will probably not last thousands of years, it will last a lifetime or longer.
    Whether you want natural or manufactured, we can increase the beauty and value of your home with stone.


    We have been building with brick for many years.  Brick is a lasting product and it is much more uniform than stone.  They come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns.  You would probably prefer brick if the straight lines, square corners and flat surfaces are appealing to you.  Adding brick to the exterior or interior of your home will increase the value and beauty.  


    The basic building material for most  masonry foundations and some retaining walls is concrete blocks.  They are also the backbone of a lot of brick, stone and stucco projects.
   Although most often used for structural purposes, there are some designer blocks with different patterns and colors.


    Pavers are an excellent natural looking addition to an outdoor patio.  They can be laid on sand, but a concrete base is recommended.  You are well on the way if there is already  a concrete patio.  There is so many different types of pavers, you should have no problem finding something that matches your style and taste.


    Stucco is an attractive veneer that is usually more cost effective than stone.  As with most masonry, there is an assortment of colors and patterns.  Usually done in a 3 coat system, it is a very strong veneer. 


    Concrete is the most common masonry material.  It is used in almost all buildings and houses, and also on most driveways, roads, and sidewalks.  Concrete is clean and safe.  It is fairly inexpensive and cleaning it is a breeze.  Not to mention the fact that shoveling snow off of flat concrete is much easier than old bumby sidewalks. 

Retaining walls
There are many different kinds of retaining walls. They can be made out of all kinds and colors of block. There is  Structural walls to hold back banks and landscape walls to bring character to your yard.  They can be stacked or cemented in.

Basement waterproofing

    If your basement is taking on water, we have a solution.   A  fairly simple process, but its  labor intensive.  Once water finds a path into your house, there is no worth while way to stop it.   We can however divert the water underground and into a pump to keep you basement dry.                           

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