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FAQ's about concrete

Can I get a color/stain/pattern in the concrete?

Sure! Ask me about plain/textured concrete or getting it stamped, stained, stenciled or overlayed concrete. There are a lot of options to make your job stand out from the rest.

How can I prevent cracking?

Cement driveways are known for cracking, and in many cases, soon after they're poured, be sure to ask any concrete contractor this question before hiring them! The more water in the mix, the weaker your concrete, because as this material dries, it shrinks. Using only the minimum amount of water means less shrinking and less chance of cracks. Control joints can help prevent cracks. These joints need to be 1/3 the depth of the concrete pour, with their typical distance apart found by multiplying the thickness of concrete by a factor of three.  These joints allow the material to flex without breaking. Any long, unbroken stretch of concrete will crack during the first winter, if not before.

Can you strengthen the concrete so it lasts?

There are several things that can be done to strengthen the concrete pour. Using a minimum amount of water is one way. Steel rebar grids can add strength and stability. Fiberglass can also be mixed into the concrete for extra strength. Another important factor is preparing the surface underneath the concrete -- compacting the soil and adding tightly packed crush material creates a stable base. Finally the concrete should be poured on a dry sunny day. Don't get it poured when it's raining or if the ground is frozen.

How do you care for concrete?

Concrete is a durable, long lasting product without much maintenance. However, most acids can deteriorate concrete.  Sealing the concrete will help to protect it It also repels water, dust-proofs and UV protects the surface and provides resistance to abrasion.  Concrete should be cleaned to remove normal dirt, rust or other stains. Sealing any cracks and joints in concrete can help to minimize water intrusion. If you have any decorative concrete you should consult the manufacturer of the product in order to get the best care instructions.

Will the concrete be smooth / perfect when installed?

Concrete is not a manufactured product and minor imperfections in the result are to be expected . In fact, many people are lured to decorative concrete because these imperfections / character.